We offer a wide varity of options to fit every fencing Need

Farm Fencing

Barbed wire fence

Growing up on a ranch in Polson, farm fencing has become a way of life. This is what got us started out and is still a major part of our fencing business today.

Residential Fencing

cedar fence

In Montana, there can be a thin line between farm fence and residential fence. We offer fencing that can accommodate anyones needs.

Commercial Fencing

chain link fence

In an area full of small businesses, partnerships can be very important. We enjoy working with local businesses for all your fencing needs.


We also offer services for someone who may need just a little "help" 


We also offer a variet of excavation services to meet our customers needs.

No-Till Seeding

No-till seeding is a great way to resore growth in your pasture or field.

Farm Fencing

Gauranteed To Keep Them In. Or Out.

Choose From Different Fencing Types:

  • barbed wired
  • smooth wire
  • woven wire
  • electric fence
  • rail fence
  • jack-leg fence
  • corrals, pens, and chutes
  • chicken runs

Need Garden Or Orchard Fencing?

choose between 6 foot or 8 foot tall fence

Residential Fencing

Built For You...

Fences designed to be aesthetically pleasing and keep your pets (or kids) safe in the yard

The Right Fit For Your Needs And Budget

  • chain link fence (4',6',8')
  • farm style fencing
  • cedar fencing
  • vinyl fence
  • ornamental fence

Need Some Privacy?

We specialize in cedar privacy fence installation. Also offering vinyl fence options as well

Commercial Fencing

Protect your investment

We can install security fencing for you either with or without privacy slats

Gate off your entrance

Need to keep traffic out of your lot after hours? 

Bollard installation

Install concrete bollards for protection from careless drivers


Post Pounding

Have the abilitly but not the equipment? We can come put the posts in for you, so you can do the rest!

Need A Fence Repair?

We offer fence repairs on all types of fencing. Including emergency immediate repair.

Hourly Work

If your working on a budget but need to start somewhere, we offer competitive hourly rates.

Excavation Services

pump house installation

We Offer A Variety Of Excavation Services Including:

  • water line work
  • driveway work
  • tree and stump removal
  • horse obstacles
  • various other tasks

Cattle guard installation

Cattle Guards Can Make A Great Addition To Your Fence Project

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No-Till seeding

no till seeding

Using a no-till seeder preserves the soil moisture and minimizes any erosion. We have a new no till seeder which is coupled with a GPS driven tractor which works great.

We always recommend having a soil sample taken and analyzed to determine if any fertilizer is needed in advance of seeding. The fertilizer, if needed, could be applied in March or early April, and then the field would need to be sprayed with Round-Up immediately before seeding. We will work with you as to what your desires are for the type of pasture you are looking for and help you identify a seeding mix/rate to accomplish this. You would buy the seed and we would plant. We would typically want to complete this in April or May.


The charge for seeding is typically $25 an acre plus a fee to move the equipment which is based on where the field is. This does not cover the charge of the seed itself, just the equipment.